Recommended Resources


​Foremost Insurance

​I insure my Tiny House with Foremost. The process was straightforward and easy. I contacted them directly to get a quote versus going through a broker/agent. Normally a broker/agent can write for several companies, but I found the rates through Foremost to be lower than a broker/agent. Foremost is part of farmers which is obviously a big player in insurance. To get insured through Foremost, the house must be certified to meet or exceed RVIA standards.



​Lending for Tiny House enthusiasts is limited. Specially if you are building it yourself. Not many banks are open to financing a tiny house which is why I was impressed when LightStream created a dedicated page to inform about financing for tiny houses. I have recommended this company to others with good feedback. 


​LATCH Collective

​LATCH is a support community for tiny house enthusiasts in Los Angeles. If you are in Los Angeles and want to learn how to build a tiny house, LATCH is a great support network. I'm personally involved in helping LATCH grow and it's where I spend my time advocating the tiny house movement.



​Alexis and Christian along with the Morrisons have been around a long time promoting the tiny house movement. They run this site offering a variety of plans for tiny houses. Getting architectual plans is an important step in the build of your tiny house. This is a good site to evaluate different designs and evaluate the one that is right for you.

​​DIY Building

​​Tiny Home Builders

​​Dan offers a great amount of education in tiny houses. The site itself is a great resource on learning how to build a tiny house.


​Sweet Home 3D

​​Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design application that helps you draw the design of your house. This is the software I used to create the layout of my tiny house. It's pretty easy to learn to use and way cheaper than hiring a designer.