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Revealed... An Easy-to-Use Tool That Helps You Best Tackle The Costs of Your Tiny House Project

Watch the video to discover why I decided to create a set of automated worksheets that helps Tiny House Enthusiasts navigate and decipher all the Costs and Time considerations of a tiny house project. 

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WOW! The Spreadsheets Are Great!

What a time saver and think of all the things you would forget to account for without them. Plus Steven is constantly revising them, making them better, and they are very easy to manipulate on your own.

JAYNE  //  Tiny House Self-Building

Steven Helped Me Get Organized Using His Worksheets!

There are so many decisions that need to be made when it comes to planning, building, or purchasing a tiny home and Steven helped keep me motivated and away from "analysis paralysis."

MERCEDES  //  Future Tiny House Owner

Here's What You Get When You Buy the Tiny House Cost StartKit

The Cost StartKit is 12 custom crafted and easy-to-use automated worksheets in ONE accessible file.  The sheets provide you with the tools needed to estimate the cost of both self-building and buying a tiny house. They will assist in evaluating the time commitment of your project, compare and weigh out the costs, and navigate the considerations via action oriented checklists. Here's what you get:

Video Lesson Tutorial

I show you exactly how to access, download, use, and customize the worksheets so you can best evaluate the cost considerations of your tiny house project.

Worksheets & Checklists

The customizable template is divided into 12 working sheets. Each worksheet provides you with information on how to get started, help guide your build and navigate the cost and time considerations of your tiny house. You also get access to any updates that are done to the worksheets.


Tiny House Purchase Tool: A worksheet that gives you the power to compare up to 3 quotes for a tiny house purchase from a builder. It breaks down a detailed set of costs that you can expect to be charged and allows you to enter and compare each individual cost so you can evaluate and negotiate a better deal. 



Ultimate Trailer Comparison Tool:  A worksheet that lets you compare and evaluate multiple trailer manufacturers, trailer quotes and features.

Prepare yourself with the most important trailer know-how, assess the pros and cons, costs and features to make the best decision that fits your needs (not the needs of the manufacturers). 


Comprehensive Tiny House Build Cost. A worksheet that allows you to enter estimated amounts for ALL the individual costs that make up a tiny house build while also allowing you to compare budgeted numbers to actual numbers.

Evaluating every cost element will save you money and avoid unwanted surprises down the line. 


Tiny House Self-Build Budget:  This worksheet contains the budget breakdown of what I consider to be the "True-Cost" of a self-built tiny house. This is the overall picture summary budget that helps estimate the actual cost and help visualize where your costs are going.  

If you're struggling to determine how much your build is going to cost, this worksheet breaks it down so you can narrow in on how much moola you'll actually be shelving out. 


Tiny House DIY Getting Started Checklist: Not sure where to start in this tiny house journey?'s a checklist for you. This checklist helps guide you on how to get started because figuring out how and where to start is overwhelming enough.


Tiny House Self-Build Checklist:  What is the True-Cost to self-build? This checklist will list out all the elements that make up your tiny house.

Not everybody thinks of everything that goes in a tiny house before, during and after a build. You will now!


Tiny House Choosing a Builder Checklist:  A checklist to help guide you on what to look for in evaluating a good builder for your tiny house.

Not knowing how to choose the right builder can be disastrous. Use this checklist to know what to look for and ask.


Tiny House Purchase Checklist: This checklist will guide you on what to look for as you are navigating the purchase of a tiny house.

Looking to purchase an already built tiny house? Then you need to know what to look for before it's too late. This checklist will give you that!


Tiny House Trailer Purchase Checklist: This sheet will list what you need to be aware of and what to look for when purchasing a trailer.

The trailer is the foundation to your tiny house on wheels. If your trailer fails, guess what will also fail? 


BONUS: Tiny House DIY Build Project Timeline. This one is a DOOZY! This worksheet allows you to time manage your entire build project. This one worksheet alone can pay for itself. That's right! Because Time is Money. You get to estimate the duration of your build while seeing it all planned on a calendar of activity. 

This sheet will help you figure out when it's time to cash in on family and friend favors or when a professional is needed to sub-in.


BONUS: Materials Tracker:  A sheet that tracks all your materials and calculates the final cost AND weight of each piece. 

If I were to ask how much you weigh, I may get a slap in the face and at best, a big fat lie. But with tiny houses, knowing the weight is crucial. Track it right, the scale won't lie!


BONUS: Living Tiny In LA's Actual Cost Breakdown:  A breakdown of the costs of my tiny house "theBigCasita".  You'll see where the cost went and get a materials list with direct links to where the materials where purchased.

The Best Time to Start Working On Your Tiny House Project is Now!

Figuring out the Costs for your Tiny House can be overwhelming and frustrating. Specially with the limited info online and how customized a Tiny House is for each individual. These worksheets will help you get started quickly and with a sense of direction saving you Time and Frustration. So let's get started by clicking the button below.

Ready to use sheets...

To figuring out the cost of your Tiny House


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Steven  Mejia

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