A Comprehensive Guide to Our Big-Tiny House (theBigCasita™)

This complete guide goes into every aspect of our self-built big tiny house. It includes the costs, the design, the materials and ​our process for choosing to live tiny.

I hope to provide you with enough resources to educate on the costs and considerations of a tiny house and living tiny. Our tiny home allows us to keep the luxuries of a beautiful home while focusing on living an abundant life.

​We intentionally chose the option to live in a tiny house on wheels because we wanted to:

1.  Simplify, downsize & Declutter

2. Affordably Own, Not Rent

3. Reduce Our Household Expenses

​4. Have Leisure Flexible Living

​5. Pursue Debt-Freedom & Financial Independence

6. Create Work and Life Balance

Our tiny house on wheels gave us the best option to pursue those goals.

I will include ​tips, strategies, and resources to help ​you evaluate a tiny house. The sections below will contain tabs ​so you can navigate each subject with ease.

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​What You'll Learn Here:


Living Tiny

  • lifestyle

  • family

  • sustainability

  • money matters

  • where to start


What is the Tiny Lifestyle?

A common misperception of the tiny lifestyle is that it requires getting rid of everything. I don’t consider our family minimalist, instead we consider ourselves as living intentionally. We relate the number of our possessions to our choice of lifestyle. We enjoy traveling, so we spend on travel experiences. I enjoy cycling, so I spend in good cycling gear.

We buy and invest in things that we enjoy and we are cognizant in the space we enjoy them. We use our tiny house not only as our home but also as a tool that is allowing us to live more in other aspects of life. As a result, we live minimal compared to living in the average size home today. This path of Intentionally living in smaller spaces is what the Tiny Lifestyle is all about.


  • design

  • multi use

  • living space

  • kitchen

  • bathroom

  • other

The overall design of the interior space is meant to be multi-funcitional and uncluttered with an open feel. Head space is maximized with the low slope shed-style roof which allowed us to increase lower level ceiling height while not cramping loft height. Lots of windows allows for light and open feel. Privacy was important so the house has a lower level private bedroom. Our family cooks, so it was important to have a sizable solid kitchen with standard size appliances. Our smart dining table doubles as a kitchen island and dining table. One loft is utilized as his and hers “roll-in” closet and the other loft for our son. The living space fits a standard 3-seat sleeper sofa, and the bathroom has enough space to also house our stackable washer and dryer. All-in-all we were able to design the tiny space to have the functionality of what a standard 3-bedroom home can provide in 360 square feet footprint.

Total Interior Costs: ~$9,870

Tip: Design based on on your actual needs first followed by the wants you can afford. To not tire of your smaller space, it is important to design on the functional intent of the space and splurge on everyday functional items. What makes tiny houses on wheels popular, is that they can be customized to your specific needs giving you more flexibility to splurge.


  • Door & windows

  • siding & trim

  • roof

  • lighting

  • Accessories


A total of 12 windows and 1 clear glass front door surround our tiny house. All our windows are new vinyl low E dual pane. We purchased new windows from reuse stores such as habit for humanity as well as excess builder materials from a builder we found on Facebook. Efficient windows are expensive so we designed our home around windows we purchased affordably vs having to fit new windows on already made plans. In total, our windows cost us $404.41 using this strategy.

Our front door was purchased on craigslist for $100.  Our front door retails for $600+.

Our savings on windows and doors added up to over $4000 if we were to purchase them at retail.

Total Cost: $505


Habitat for Humanity


Facebook Marketplace

The DIY Build

  • Plans

  • Systems

  • certification

  • ​smart house

  • trailer

  • labor

The bigCasita tiny house was designed by us and plans were custom drafted to current IRC code at a cost of $750.

Tip: When shopping for plans compare both pre-made and custom drafted plans. Pre-made plans are less expensive because you are licensing to build a pre-drafted design which may require modification to fit your needs. Where as custom drafted plans are made to order specifically for you which cost more. Which ever option you choose, make sure your plans contain engineering approval, drafted to code, foundation plans (i.e trailer plans), and include CAD / Sketchup files.

The Tour

​Ready for a simple tool to help you get started with a tiny house?

​This tool will remove the overwhelm and help you stay organized.

​Finished Interior Gallery

​Finished Exterior Gallery

​The Build Gallery


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