Are you one of the many that are in desperate need of FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY?

Freedom from renting or sky high mortgages sinking you into the rat race. Freedom from never-ending debt. Flexibility with your money and time. Flexibility to live a simpler, more abundant life.

The freedom and flexibility YOU deserve but just can’t seem to grasp. Yet there is hope! Because you may be one of the few that is not only thinking about, but willing to explore an alternative option.

You’ve heard about TINY HOUSES and think this may be just what you need.

If you’re here…you’ve probably already gone through tons of online information on the Tiny House movement. You have binge watched countless YouTube tiny house videos. Also read many minimizing blogs and watched some tiny house documentaries. Maybe even gone as far as taken a course or workshop on how to build a tiny house!

You most likely have your tiny house design all mapped out. Sketching out your dream tiny house layout and décor is fun and probably motivated you to think… “I can do this.”

You can see yourself living in your DREAM tiny home, maybe you envision building it yourself or are considering purchasing one…regardless that tiny house will be yours.

I mean, a tiny house seems like a great SOLUTION for many of your struggles.

Whether it’s strictly a financial motivation or a lifestyle one it leads to:

Less Debt, Less Stuff, Less Waste, Less Stress.

Sounds wonderful.

But…how do you make it happen?


Well, most people at this point come to a screeching halt with their tiny house dreams.


Because going at it on your own is a daunting task.

Because it’s even more daunting when you’re on your own AND you don’t even know if your plan is viable (assuming you even have a plan).

Books, workshops, online courses and trainings are great but they aren’t personalized and can overwhelm and discourage you. You are facing unique obstacles in going tiny and therefore need a personalized plan that these resources can’t offer you.

Some of you are embarking on this completely alone. To top it off, many of you are dealing with negativity from friends and family as well. Even those of you who have more support are still unsure how to start or how to best move forward. I mean…a Tiny House? That’s CRAZY! Right?

Ummm…I would say RIGHT!

But…it’s also been one of the BEST decisions of my life.


I live in a Tiny House on Wheels that I built myself. I have left the corporate world and started my own business. I decreased my expenses by 70% and got rid of 80% of my stuff. I am 100% out of debt. I OWN my home. I TRAVEL the world. I am a BETTER husband and father. I am HAPPIER.

But not too long ago I was in your shoes considering this tiny house thing. I was overwhelmed and struggling through the process of figuring out what path to take, and how to stay on track when I didn’t even know what or where the track was! There was a lot to plan and evaluate before I even considered to buy or build a tiny house myself.

Most of the resources I came across in my journey to go tiny were do-it-yourself options.  Even with all the support resources available online, I felt overwhelmed and confused on what direction to take, what choices to make and what to work on next.

Then, after embarking on the journey, I could have used someone to help keep me on track. Many times, I found myself wondering if I was concentrating on the right thing, at the right time.

I felt I needed a partner that I could reach out to when needed. Someone who had been through it and could light the way.

I was successful thanks to my super-duper research abilities, budget and financial mastery and super hero price hacking skills.

So… to help those of you avoid what I went through…I created Destination Tiny where I help make your Dream Tiny House AND Tiny Lifestyle a reality.

Destination Tiny will give you personalized guidance as well as an accountability partner while on your tiny journey.

Having a Partner with an Inside Perpective Can Help You Create a Realistic Plan, Motivate You to Move Forward and Ultimately Help You Achieve Your Tiny House Dream

Can I help you make it happen?


Making the decision to buy or build a tiny house is a major one. This journey is far more painful to get through when you’re going at it alone. But you don’t have to. I can help you along the way and we can make it a team effort. 

Whether you’re in the early stages of figuring out how to make it happen or have fully jumped on the tiny house bandwagon and have already committed to build your own tiny house, I’m here to be your partner through the process. I can evaluate where you currently are and create a customized plan for you with specific goals and timing. 

Here is what I can offer:

  • Help you determine how and where to start
  • Hold you accountable
  • Proactively reach out and keep you on track
  • Give you a second set of eyes with an experienced perspective
  • Help you through the unexpected challenges that undeniably come up
  • Guide and motivate you to keep moving forward
  • Help you make smart and informed decisions

What is Destination Tiny Exactly?


1:1 personalized guidance and accountability to help you reach your destination with the tiny house movement as an option to live a simpler, more abundant life.

My expertise in managing finances, budgets, projects as well as my DIY Tiny House building experience coupled with my discounting price-savings skills allow me to offer you a complete package and solution for your tiny house journey. 


What Destination Tiny Services are Offered?

The Virtual 1:1 Tiny House Project Liason

If you are in the process of building or buying a tiny house, this is for you! I’ll be your partner helping you through the whole process of your tiny house DIY build or purchase. I’m there for you to answer any questions, help you through the unexpected challenges that undeniably come up, provide feedback, perspective and guidance. INCLUDED is the Tiny House Cost StartKit that we will customize together to fit your plan accordingly. It’s like having your own project manager at a fraction of the cost.

To keep this affordable we will start out with a discovery call so I can learn about your tiny house project. Then, we’ll keep in touch via unlimited support email from there on forward.  The cost is only $99 per month.



“Don’t Wait Until You Are Ready to Take Action, Instead Take Action to Be Ready.”

Jensen Siaw


Benefits of Working With Me:


Peace of Mind

I provide clarity by giving you the tools, techniques and strategies that help make the journey a joyful and successful process instead of an overwhelming and frustrating one.



Through my journey in going tiny and with my skills and experience, I have built a network of resources and tools. I am happy to make recommendations and referrals where appropriate and in your best interest. I will only ever make any referrals who I personally trust or would consider using myself.


Knowledge and Experience

I’ve spent many years in my corporate life managing teams, finances, and operations. I meticulously self-built my dream tiny house from the ground up. I have downsized and decluttered substantially to live tiny. These experiences allow me to provide you with a unique approach that makes me a useful resource for you.


Reclaim Time & Money

When you embark on this journey with me, my objective is to help you make informed decisions and smart money choices that allow you to stay focused, efficient and resourceful.