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Frequently Asked Questions​

How big is the MegaTiny aka theBigCasita?
The total usable space is 499 sq. ft. sitting on a 36’x10’3 axle trailer.

How long did it take to build?
From start to move-in took 4 months working 6 days a week, 10 hours per day with an average of 2 people. On some weekends we had help from family and friends as well as our friends at LATCH Collective.
Where do you park it?
We rent an empty lot with rv hookups within the Los Angeles, CA county for $900 / mth, utilities included.
What was the final cost?
Our cost to self-build was $55K. To have a builder build a 36’ version of theBigCasita, the cost will be approximately $110K.
Who lives in the house?
Steven (Hubby), Sarahi (Wife), Eli (our 7 y.o son), and Bailey (our 12 y.o Schnauzer)
Who designed the house?
We designed the house ourselves and utilized The Small House Catalog (Small House Catalog ) to draft plans based on our design.
Who built the home?
The home was primarily built by us (Steven and Sarahi) with help from Steven’s dad. We outsourced the plumbing and hired a handyman to assist where needed.
How where you able to find land?
Finding land in or near Los Angeles is challenging, but not impossible. Contact us and we’ll provide some guidance on how we found land.
How much are utilities?
Electricity and water are included in the monthly rent. We use propane gas for our range with an average cost of $7 per month cooking 5 days per week, twice per day.
How do you get power?
We get power from the main house located next to the lot we rent on a dedicated 50 amp circuit via a 50 amp power cord.