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As a dad who got rid of his C.R.A.P by downsizing from a big house to a tiny house, ditching the corporate finance world for a stay at home dad role plus Solopreneurship I want to help you minimize the C.R.A.P and smart size to live better. 

​My definition of C.R.A.P:

C – CLUTTER (in all its forms) which manifest

R – ROADBLOCKS (mental, emotional, physical) that create

A – APPREHENSION and FEAR (Limits) which combined with

P – PIERCING HIGH COSTS/DEBT (prohibits you from Living Your Best Life)

I had so much of it that it was crippling and felt like a thorn I could not remove.

Fast forward to today...​

  • ​I smart sized my home to 338 square feet. I downsized from 2200 s.f home and self-built my tiny house theBigCasita. It's been one of the best decisions I've made.
  • ​I don't owe anybody a cent! Everything is paid off and it feels amazing.
  • ​I'm a stay at home dad. That's right! I cook and clean, run around with my son to most of his activities on the daily, ​and support our household in more ways than one. I have the utmost respect for the mothers and dads that do this all over the world.
  • ​I'm a solopreneur. I run my own business as a virtual consultant and ​bring income from different sources online.

​I mention it because it was not easy, but I know now it is doable. ​If I can do it, I can help you do the same.

So, how can I help you?

Just enter a question in the comments box below - it's that easy. I will then reply back with an answer.

I'm ​want to do this so we can all help each other. Your questions teach me what my readers are most interested in learning and it allows me to focus my content to best suit you. You get relevant content, and I get happy readers - It's a Win-Win.

How will your question get answered? Most replies will be done directly on this page while others will get a direct answer to your email.

Now, what's your most important question?


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